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Website updates September to October 2019

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Last updated 20th September 2019.

‘Stammering pride and prejudice’: article

Link to The origins of stammering pride and prejudice (stamma.org), by co-editor Patrick Campbell, about the origins of the new book to be launched on Friday 27th September.


Some updates to the victimisation page:

Discrimination by association

I’m working on this at the moment. Published so far:


Link to a student’s experience in Don’t be afraid of the student disability service (stamma.org), 2019. Linked from Resolving issues at university or FE college.

Harassment of employees

Harassment of employees page updated to include:

Compensation: impact on individual

Short note added on EAT decision in Komeng v Creative Support (bailii.org), 2019. In deciding the compensation for injury to feelings, the employment tribunal should focus on the impact of the discrimination on the individual concerned rather than the gravity of the acts. We are all different. See Remedies in employment disputes>Injury to feelings: the ‘Vento bands’.

20th anniversary of stammeringlaw, 1999-2019