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Website updates November to December 2022

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Last updated 25th December, 2022.

Connection of employment with Great Britain

Major update and review of Connection of employment with Great Britain, including later cases, and updated for Brexit.

Status of University of Law

Added 2020 decision by the Court of Appeal in Nwabueze v University of Law Ltd. The court held that a student could not claim against the University of Law in the employment tribunal, because its status as a university meant it was not a “qualifications body”. Being a university, it could not be a qualifications body for just part of its activities. More on this area: Professional exam bodies>Universities.

Examples of jobs

Added to Examples of jobs done by people who stammer/ stutter:

Bill of Rights Bill being revived

The government has put to Parliament important changes to human rights legislation. Page updated to reflect the fact that the proposed Bill, shelved in September 2022, is now being revived: Bill of Rights Bill: being revived.

(More important for disability discrimination under the Equality Act, I think, are the proposed changes in the Retained EU Law Bill (‘Brexit Freedoms Bill’).)

Assessments and interviews

Various pages on interviews, oral assessments and professional exams reviewed:

Victimisation and s.15 EqA

S.15 EqA could be an additional or alternate claim to victimisation, particularly if an employer etc argues that there is no victimisation claim because the complaint of discrimination was made in such an objectionable manner, and this manner was due to the disability. To cover this I’ve added Victimisation>Additional/alternative claim under s.15 EqA?

Who is liable?

Who is liable under the Equality Act expanded with:

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