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Website updates May to June 2021

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Last updated 10th June 2021.

BBC Stammering Network

Launched 10th June 2021: BBC launches staff stammering network (stamma.org).

Added to my page: Employment stammering networks.

Examples of jobs

On Examples of jobs done by people who stammer:

NHS Stammering Network

Launched spring 2021, for NHS staff who stammer and their managers and colleagues. “We provide NHS staff with support and information on stammering, including easy access to useful resources and we offer recommendations on how to support staff who stammer in the workplace.” Includes workplace mentoring, and personal stories of NHS staff who stammer. nhsstammeringnetwork.uk

Linked from Employment stammering networks.

Elliot v Dorset County Council

In Elliot v Dorset County Council the EAT stressed that in assessing whether the effect of an impairment is “substantial”, the tribunal should start from the statutory wording of whether it is more than “minor or trivial”. The Guidance and Code of Practice should not be seen as statutes, and are most likely to be useful where the answer to the question is unclear. The tribunal should compare the claimant with how he would be without the impairment, so it does not necessarily matter that his abilities are better than (or no worse than) those of most people. The EAT also made helpful comments on the relevance of coping strategies.

Also added new section: Legal effect of statutory guidance and codes>Guidance and Codes should not be read as statutes.

Examples of jobs

Added to Examples of jobs done by people who stammer:

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