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Website updates May to June 2019

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Last updated 9th July 2019.

Employment stammering networks

Some companies and organistions have networks of staff who stammer. There may be one in your employer, or you could start one up. They can provide support and networking with other employees who stammer, and may have links to management. See my new page Employment stammering networks.

Examples of jobs

People who stammer can be found in a vast range of jobs. I’ve been though my page Examples of jobs done by people who stammer, updating (nearly all) the links and adding some new examples.

As it says on the page, I’m happy to hear of suggested additions to it.

Stamma.org launch

The British Stammering Association (Stamma), previously at stammering.org, have now re-launched their website – mobile friendly and with revised information – at stamma.org. This means a lot of stammering.org links on my stammeringlaw site need to be updated, and I’m in the course of doing this.

Work placements for students

Where a work placement is arranged by a university, the wording of the Equality Act could leave the student without a claim if she is discriminated against by her work placement provider.

However in the Blackwood case (2016) the Court of Appeal re-interpreted the Equality Act to comply with EU law. The student is allowed to claim for discrimination by the placement provider, normally in the employment tribunal.

More: Work placements related to education courses.

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