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Website updates July to August 2023

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Last updated 10th August, 2023.

STAMMA Advocacy Service

STAMMA Advocacy Service (stamma.org) now launched, including for poor treatment by employers and service providers.

Added to Sources of help and advice>STAMMA/ British Stammering Association.

GP bookings: campaign

STAMMA (the British Stammering Association) is urging changes in GP appointment booking systems nationwide: Booking a GP appointment: removing barriers for people who stammer.

F-Bomb blog: oracy in schools

Claire Tupling’s excellent blog Starmer’s ‘F-Bomb’ (educationandsociety.wordpress.com) warns that “oracy” should accept that speech may be dysfluent. My page: F-Bomb blog: oracy in schools.

Advice/decision not to give evidence due to stammer?

New subheading Appearing in court with a stammer>Advice or decision not to give evidence due to stammer?, including a case study of a defendant in a criminal case. I suggest people who stammer should be somewhat wary of any advice not to give evidence because the stammer might be seen as a sign of guilt or dishonesty.

Harassment by shop

Added Small v Taylor Edwards, from 2015. A former customer, who was gay, succeeded in a County Court claim against a local shop where a shop assistant made ‘gay’ gestures when he walked past.

Employment stammering networks

Employment stammering networks updated, including addition of STAMMA Arts, and Entrepreneurs who Stammer Network.

Retained EU Law Act 2023

Retained EU Law Act 2023 page updated for this legislation now having received royal assent.

The REUL Act, mostly not yet in force, will alter the position of EU law in Britain. It creates uncertainty, and may well reduce Equality Act protection in some areas, particularly from 1st January 2024.

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