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Website updates January to February 2022

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Last updated 25th February 2022.

C v Menzies Aviation: stammer held to be a disability

New employment tribunal decision on stammering: C v Menzies Aviation. The claimant alleged he had been mimicked due to his stammer, and claimed disability discrimination. The tribunal held his stammer was a disability within the Equality Act. Its effect was much more than trivial. While – ultimately – the claimant might be able to express himself clearly, his communication was marked by his stammer and framed by the reactions of his audience, with the consequent and significant impact upon him and his day-to-day activities.

M v Real Care Agency

In M v Real Care Agency a home care worker was dismissed after being off sick with depression (a disability). Her stammer was normally not apparent but did arise during bad periods of depression. She made EqA claims as regards allegedly not being able to attend a probationary review meeting because of her stammer, and the employer being unwilling to discuss sick pay with her wife without proper authorisation when the claimant herself said she couldn’t cope with a phone call. The claims failed, mainly because the employer could not reasonably be expected to know of her stammer.


I’m still working on this area of the website, but I’ve published work in progress as it is so far:

Updated information for employers from Stamma (British Stammering Association)

Update of links from my website to new/revised Stamma pages Interviewing people who stammer (stamma.org) and Supporting staff who stammer (stamma.org), for employers.

Professional exams

Professional exams page reviewed and updated (Great Britain).

Also on Education: disability discrimination in Northern Ireland, I’ve added three arguments why it may be possible to challenge competence standards in both professional and academic exams in Northern Ireland, despite the Malcolm case.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Coronavirus (Covid-19) updated, including for revocation of face covering regulations, and workers in England no longer being advised to work from home.

Objective justification of indirect discrimination: group test?

Group test for objective justification of indirect discrimination? reviewed and updated.

Examples of jobs

Added to Examples of jobs done by people who stammer:

20th anniversary of stammeringlaw, 1999-2019