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Website updates January to February 2021

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Last updated 21st January 2021.

Sources of help and advice

Sources of help and advice page partially updated, including:

Insurance cover in service provider cases

For cases against service providers, to help with the lack of Qualified One Way Cost Shifting (QOCS) – which basically may leave claimants exposed to the other side’s legal costs unless the case stays in the Small Claims Track – Fry Law have worked with an insurance company to create a new insurance policy that can help: Legal firm’s insurance link-up could open access to Equality Act justice (disabilitynewsservice.com), September 2020. Linked from my page Complaints and going to court: services>Going to court.

Face masks/coverings

Partial update of Face masks/coverings and stammering, including:

2011 Guidance on definition of disability

2011 Guidance on definition of disability reviewed and updated. For example there is a new summary, it no longer focusses on comparing the 2011 Guidance with the 2006 Guidance, Brexit is taken into account, and it reflects updates to various other pages.

Disability Confident

‘Disability Confident’ and guaranteed interviews reviewed and updated. Employers at level 3 must now publicly report on their disability employment (gov.uk).

Examples of jobs

Added to Examples of jobs done by people who stammer/ stutter:

Reasonable adjustment rules

Reasonable adjustment rules: employment reviewed and updated, including:

Interim relief

Interim relief for Equality Act claims – continuing the employment of someone who has been dismissed pending a final tribunal decision – is not currently available but may become so depending on the case of Steer v Stormsure (decided by the EAT in December) which is going the Court of Appeal.

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