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This site is now on WordPress!

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From June 2019 this site has a more modern look. It also works much better on smartphones.

Puffin taking off, Farne Islands

For the past few months I’ve been busy moving this website onto WordPress, a modern open-source website platform. WordPress developed mainly for blogs but is now used for websites much more generally.

My previous design was looking rather tired, and was not mobile friendly. Also the fact that the website was ‘static html’ (ie each page was a separate html file), was making updating and development of the site more difficult.

Table of page contents

New facilities

I’m not a web developer, and WordPress has involved quite a learning curve. I’m sure the design and other features of the website will evolve. Much of the design, including the homepage, is pretty basic at the moment. I may try out different designs of the website to see what works best. However I wanted to get something up live, which I can work on further.

One thing I particularly like on the new site is the feed of news, cases, examples etc. I haven’t quite settled on how this will work, eg one could have different feeds for different types of content. However I’m happy for the moment with it being all together. You can pick particular types of content from the sidebar, including cases on stammering or real-life examples.

Another thing I like is the ‘Table of page contents’ at the top of most pages. I particularly like the fact that the system generates these automatically, whereas I used to have to do anything like that manually. Some pages are quite long so it’s great to the page index, eg Examples of reasonable adjustments: In the job. You click (or tap) on the index to open the index.

Finally it’s good to have the built-in search engine. On the old website free search facilities would have involved adverts, which would probably have included some dodgy stammering treatments. For reliable help on stammering go to the British Stammering Association website, which has also just been relaunched at stamma.org.

More to do

The site is now on WordPress but there’s a lot more to do. As well as design etc, quite a bit of content has not been updated for a few years. That’s one thing I need to get on with. (Each page now shows at the top when it was updated).

Equally important is trying to edit content, and structure the website, so that people can understand and find content fairly easily. At the same time, I generally try to have more detail available for people who want it, either further down the page or on a separate page. These too are areas that need more work.

There will also be broken links that I still need to fix.

If you have any feedback, feel free to contact me at allan@atyrer.net.

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