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Stammering Pride and Prejudice: book

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Last updated 6th October 2019.

New book launched September 2019.

Stammering pride and prejudice: Difference not Defect

‘Stammering Pride and Prejudice: Difference not Defect’ challenges the stereotype that stammering is inherently negative. It positions stammering as a different, valuable and respected way of speaking.

It is the first published book exploring stammering from the perspective of the social model of disability, written for people who stammer and the general public, as well as professionals.

You can buy the book at www.jr-press.co.uk/stammering-pride-prejudice.html.

There is also an article by co-editor Patrick Campbell about the origins of the book www.stamma.org/your-voice/origins-stammering-pride-and-prejudice.

There was an excellent full-day launch event for the book in September 2019. The following video is from a previous City Lit ‘Stammering pride and prejudice’ event in 2016 which took a similar perspective:

(Video embedded from YouTube at https://youtu.be/y47SeRJq1Xc)

Update: In 2022 the editors of this book also published a research paper: Social model: new research paper.

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