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Stamma poster campaign

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Last updated 18th July 2019.

British Stammering Association’s new Stamma campaign launched today, 18th July.

Christine with a Stamma poster saying "I stammer" and "Please don't finish my sentences".
My partner Christine, a BSA trustee, with one of the new posters at Brent Cross shopping centre.

The campaign aims to give the public an insight into what it means to stammer, dispel stereotypes and encourage people to take stammering seriously.

The ads are going on bus stops and outdoor advertising space in the UK.

A further screen says “stamma.org/join, STAMMA, Join us and help create a better life for people who stammer.”

BSA says if you see one of the ads, take a picture and upload it onto social media where your post will be pulled into the stamma feed on the BSA website. Say where you saw it, and use the hashtag #Stamma . Tag BSA with @stammer on twitter, or @stammaUK on Instagram.

Me with a Stamma poster saying "I stammer" and "All voices are equal".
Me with a poster at Brent Cross shopping centre saying “All voices are equal”.
20th anniversary of stammeringlaw, 1999-2019