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Prison and stammering

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Last updated 17th June 2020.

Prisons, Young Offenders Institutions and the like are normally subject to the Equality Act 2010, under the rules on public functions.

Speech and language therapy for prisoners

A key problem is lack of speech and language therapy provision in these institutions, especially since addressing communication needs may well help a person’s successful reintegration into society. As regards young offenders, “a 2015 study has shown that up to 60% of young people in the youth justice system have speech, language and communication needs”: Equal Treatment Bench Book 2018 p2.7, linked at Appearing in court>Equal Treatment Bench Book. Also a BBC news article from 2007: Communication skills ‘cut re-offending’ (BBC website).

Teletherapy via a video link has been used by Airedale NHS Foundation Trust (see Airedale Stammering Therapy Project) to provide speech therapy to a prisoner who stammers:

Link on prisoner rights, including discrimination and healthcare: Prisons (leighday.co.uk).

Some examples of claims by prisoners

Appearing in court

I have a separate page on Appearing in court.

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