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STAMMA in the cinema: “No diversity without dysfluency”

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Last updated 21st March 2022.

STAMMA’s ad campaign calling for greater stammering representation in the media is now showing in cinemas across the UK.

With the support of Pearl & Dean, selected cinemas nationally are showing the one-and-a-half-minute film from STAMMA (the British Stammering Association) until October 2022. The list of cinemas is attached to STAMMA advert on a screen near you (stamma.org).

It is part of STAMMA’s campaign for people who stammer to be visibly and authentically portrayed in film and TV. Sign the campaign petition “No diversity without dysfluency” (change.org). More on the campaign: No diversity without dysfluency (stamma.org).

I’d say this is part of seeking to dismantle the barriers faced by people who stammer, as discussed in the March 2022 social model research paper, through challenging negative social attitudes to stammering.

#NoDiversityWithoutDysfluency. We need to hear & see people who stammer or stutter on TV and radio all year. Not just a day. This ISAD2021 commit to disfluency in your diversity.
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