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Guide for universities on stammering

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Last updated 6th September 2022.

STAMMA, STUC and LSBU have produced a guide Supporting students who stammer in higher education (pdf, stamma.org).

This guide by STAMMA (stamma.org), STUC (stuc-uk.org) and London South Bank University should be invaluable for universities looking to create an inclusive environment for students who stammer. It was published in June 2021, and republished with a few revisions in August 2022.

It gives many examples of what universities can do to support students, ranging from admission through to teaching, placements, assessments and employment – along with case studies.

The guide will also be of great interest to students who stammer, or people looking to apply to university.

The guide is linked from Supporting students who stammer in higher education (stamma.org).

Legal points

The guide makes clear that it is not intended as legal advice and that in some circumstances universities may have greater obligations under the Equality Act. The Equality Act may – and I think in some cases does – require more than is suggested by the guide. See in particular Oral exams and assessed presentations>“Effective communication” as assessment criterion or learning outcome?

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