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“Find the right words” campaign by Stamma

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Last updated 21st October 2020.

This campaign aims to kick-start a conversation around the negative language used when talking about stammering, and help those who don’t stammer to understand that this is just how some people talk. It uses outdoor digital adverts and social media.

Stamma poster in shopping centre with passers-by. Poster says "Emily Blunt credits a school teacher for helping to [overcome/control] the stammer through acting..." "Overcome" is crossed out and "control inserted instead.

Do engage with the campaign on social media: stamma.org/findtherightwords.

People who stammer should not be described as “plagued” by an “affliction”, or having a “defect”, for example.

The campaign shows how Stamma worked with Wikipedia to change how the latter talks about stammering/stuttering on its web pages for people such as Charles Darwin and Lewis Carroll, and for more modern household names like Ed Sheeran, Emily Blunt and Samuel L. Jackson.

As well as Stamma in the UK, national stuttering associations in the USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland are also showcasing the campaign. It runs until International Stammering Awareness Day on 22nd October 2020.

Stamma has released editorial guidelines for the media on how to cover the issue of stammering: stamma.org/about-us/campaigns/its-how-we-talk

The campaign is outlined in this video narrated by Scroobius Pip, who stammers himself:

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