Time off work for stammering course

A person wanted two days off work for an intensive stammering course. The employer was initially only willing for one of the days to be paid leave. The employee’s claim for the second day to be paid leave also was refused at the first stage of the employer’s internal grievance procedure. However, it was allowed … Read moreTime off work for stammering course

Reasonable adjustment settlement

This case raises issues of physical arrangements for an interview, signs that an interviewee who stammers is at a substantial disadvantage (questions not answered ‘fully’ or ‘properly’), and weighting of information on application form. There was no tribunal decision in the case as it was settled out of court, without admission of liability by the … Read moreReasonable adjustment settlement

Disability Conciliation Service case on speech impairment

Example of a case settled by the Disability Conciliation Service (no longer in existence): “A man with a severe speech impediment was refused service at a local pub and subjected to derogatory and insulting remarks by a member of the bar staff, who alleged he was drunk. A meeting between the two parties was set … Read moreDisability Conciliation Service case on speech impairment