Grandmother visiting hospital laughed at by nurse

A senior staff nurse burst out laughing when a visitor stammered asking to see her granddaughter A woman who stammers was visiting her granddaughter in hospital. She stammered when saying her granddaughter’s name to the senior staff nurse, who burst out laughing. After seeing her granddaughter, she sought out the senior staff nurse, who was … Read more

Apple stammering emoji

Many users of iPhones and iPads found that a ‘woozy face’ emoji automatically appeared when typing the word “stammering” into messages. Stamma (the British Stammering Association) said in a July 2021 press release: “This is demeaning and damaging. Stammering is how some people talk. Treating it as a joke is stigmatising. It can leave people … Read more

Natwest advert withdrawn

A BSA member showed that complaining can make a difference when he tweeted about an insensitive advert. A NatWest advert read: ‘Making sure your start-up doesn’t stutter’. A British Stammering Association member put on it on Twitter tagging @NatWest_Help. The tweet invited feedback from people who stammer, which was negative. Natwest responded: ‘Following your feedback … Read more

Coffee shop mocks stammer on customer’s cup (January 2017)

Starbucks asks a customer’s name when he or she orders a drink, and writes it on the cup. In this particular case, when the customer stammered on his name the barista allegedly wrote RRR…ichard on the cup. The customer found this extremely offensive and humiliating. He complained on the Starbucks Facebook page. The barista was … Read more

Being mistaken for drunk

A teetotal customer with a stammer was initially refused a coffee at a pub, because staff thought he was drunk. His slurring was due to a stammer. He tried to explain this but staff disagreed. The manager only approved the order after a friend stepped in and confirmed he had a stammer. Link Stammerer refused … Read more

Extended probationary period

A policeman’s two-year probationary period is reported to have been extended after he repeatedly failed passing-out exams because of difficulty talking. The Sun newspaper reported that a policeman with a severe speech impediment was still on probation after five years. Normally a policeman would have a two year probationary period before qualifying as a constable. … Read more

Pretending not to understand, laughing and hanging up phone (October 2008)

A person with cerebral palsy was trying to take out a subscription to a sports channel. The caller said that the person who took his call kept saying ‘What?’ and ‘Sorry?’ although they could understand him, then started to laugh at him and hung up. After the sports station was contacted, managers listened to the … Read more