Website updates May to June 2019

Employment stammering networks Some companies and organistions have networks of staff who stammer. There may be one in your employer, or you could start one up. They can provide support and networking with other employees who stammer, and may have links to management. See my new page Employment stammering networks. Examples of jobs People who … Read more

This site is now on WordPress!

From June 2019 this site has a more modern look. It also works much better on smartphones. For the past few months I’ve been busy moving this website onto WordPress, a modern open-source website platform. WordPress developed mainly for blogs but is now used for websites much more generally. My previous design was looking rather … Read more

Website updates to April 2019

Recent updates to this website. April 2019 Update of the three Vento bands for compensation for injury to feelings in employment cases. March 2019 Main post-16 page updated, including more on STUC (Stammerers Through University Consultancy), Also Oral exams, and assessed presentations page updated with further adjustments to exams, from STUC conference in January … Read more

RCSLT award

From British Stammering Association’s Speaking Out magazine, Winter 2005: “The BSA webmaster, Allan Tyrer, was awarded the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ Diamond Jubilee Special Recognition Award for outstanding voluntary service. For the past six years, Allan has developed the BSA website into a pre-eminent source of information on stammering which is used … Read more