Website updates March to April 2021

Oral assessments and presentations in recruitment Major review and update of Oral assessments in recruitment, including assessment centres and remote (eg Zoom) assessments, and Presentations in recruitment. UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement page updated for the final version of the Agreement ( as approved, published in April 2021.`I’ve revised my … Read more

Website updates January to February 2021

Equal Treatment Bench Book On 24th February 2021 a new edition of the Equal Treatment Bench Book was published. It is excellent that this includes four pages specifically on stammering (from page 455). Stammering was not in there before. That is now the official guide for judges on dealing with people who stammer in court, … Read more

Website updates November to December 2020

Brexit Brexit and EU law pages reorganised and amended, with two new pages Brexit: Effect of EU law when interpreting Equality Act from 2021 and Ability to amend Equality Act after Brexit. This is partly to reorientate the pages to the position after the end of 2020. There is also a page on the new … Read more

Website updates September to October 2020

Stammering case with impact statement, 2020 Impact statement and other documents used in an employment tribunal case in 2020, arguing that the stammer (a severe one) was a disability within the Equality Act. See Stammering case with impact statement, 2020. Also new Proving disability page. Staff disability networks Apart from stammering networks, any network for … Read more

“Find the right words” campaign by Stamma

This campaign aims to kick-start a conversation around the negative language used when talking about stammering, and help those who don’t stammer to understand that this is just how some people talk. It uses outdoor digital adverts and social media. Do engage with the campaign on social media: People who stammer should not be … Read more

Website updates July to August 2020

Stammering starting in adulthood Disability: Stammering starting in adulthood updated. Also summary of Walker v Sita, 2013 expanded and update of SCA Packaging v Boyle, 2009. Justification test in indirect discrimination Indirect discrimination>Justification defence added, plus case on it from a couple of years ago: City of Oxford Bus Services Ltd t/a Oxford Bus Company … Read more

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Social distancing for the Covid-19 can present extra challenges for people who stammer. The move away from meeting face-to-face due to social distancing requirements (below) has sometimes created particular difficulties if one has a stammer. Equality Act obligations still apply, but they have been applying to new situations. What is reasonable or justifiable is – … Read more

Website updates May to June 2020

New tribunal decisions on stammering Customer service job In G v British Airways, the employment tribunal refused to allow a claimant to amend his claim to add disability discrimination related to stammering. From listening to him, the tribunal said there was a “discernible, very mild stammer” which the tribunal very much doubted was a disability. … Read more

Website updates March to April 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Social distancing for Coronavirus can present extra challenges for people who stammer, as regards both employment and services. How might the Equality Act apply? See Coronavirus (Covid-19). Another issue is that courts are moving to more telephone and video hearings due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19). How this impacts on stammering and other disabilities … Read more

Website updates January to February 2020

Brexit Brexit page updated: The EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 has now received Royal Assent, so UK membership of the EU is set to end on 31st January 2020 under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement. However the UK will remain bound by almost all EU law during the ‘implementation period’ until the end of … Read more