Website updates May to June 2023

Retained EU Law Bill Retained EU Law Bill page updated for changes made in the Bill’s passage through Parliament. The Bill would alter the position of EU law in Britain. It may well reduce Equality Act protection and create uncertainty in some areas, particularly from 1st January 2024. Bill of Rights Bill withdrawn The government … Read more

Website updates March to April 2023

OSCE exams for healthcare professionals: new guide on adjustments for stammering STAMMA and the NHS Stammering Network have produced a Job-based oral exam guide (, March 2023, mainly for OSCE exams in the health sector. Anyone who is seeking – or supporting a request for – adjustments to these scenario-based professional exams, in respect of … Read more

M v Manchester Rusk Co

The employment tribunal found that the claimant’s stammer was not a disability within the Equality Act. The burden of proof was on the claimant, and he had not presented sufficient evidence to show that his stammer had a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. That was supported … Read more

Is “disclosing” a stammer the right word to use?

It’s good to talk about a stammer, but is there a better term than “disclosing”? In any event, I don’t think this matters legally. Stamma’s Blog: The trouble with ‘disclosure’ (6 Feb 2023) suggests that although talking about a stammer is good, “disclosing” may not be the best way to describe doing so. The term … Read more

Website updates January to February 2023

Appearing in court Major update of Appearing in court with a stammer, including witnesses, defendants, litigants and jurors who stammer. It reflects the updated Equal Treatment Bench Book for judges which now (from February 2021) includes stammering. Two new sections are Case examples of adjustments for stammering in court and Remote hearings. Video chat backgrounds … Read more

R (Efthimiou) v The City of London

Swimming in an open air pond on Hampstead Heath helped the claimant’s disability. A new system of prices to swim in the pond was introduced. Her claims for reasonable adjustments and indirect disability discrimination in relation to these charges failed. The disadvantage she suffered did not have the necessary causal connection with her disability or … Read more

Website updates November to December 2022

Connection of employment with Great Britain Major update and review of Connection of employment with Great Britain, including later cases, and updated for Brexit. Status of University of Law Added 2020 decision by the Court of Appeal in Nwabueze v University of Law Ltd. The court held that a student could not claim against the … Read more

Website updates September to October 2022

Retained EU law Bill: changes affecting EqA A Bill published in September 2022 would alter the position of EU law and EU Court decisions in Britain. It may well reduce Equality Act protection in some areas, particularly from 1st Jan 2024. More: Retained EU Law Bill. In connection with that, EU Framework Employment Directive also … Read more

Website updates July to August 2022

Automated telephone services: RCSLT statement The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) has issued a Position statement on automated telephone services, including voice recognition which cannot recognise stammering. Among other things, the statement makes the point that people who communicate differently or with difficulty (including people who stammer) should be involved in the … Read more

Website updates May to June 2022

Abrahart case: oral assessments led to suicide Abrahart v University of Bristol: oral assessments led to suicide, County Court decision, May 2022. This tragic case involved a physics student with depression and social anxiety disorder. The university continued to seek to use oral interviews to assess her, even though she failed to attend most of … Read more