Website updates July to August 2019

Northern Ireland I am currently updating my Northern Ireland pages. This is a work in progress. Updated or created so far are: Types of discrimination are more limited in Northern Ireland – in particular the reasonable adjustment duty is more important because ‘disability-related discrimination’ cannot really be used; Education: disability discrimination in Northern Ireland – … Read moreWebsite updates July to August 2019

50 Million Voices: stuttering and work

50 Million Voices is the campaign bringing together leaders from across the world to collaborate, share good practice, and transform the world of work for people who stammer. Societal bias means that millions of people who stammer are either unemployed or in jobs which are well below their potential. Employers and colleagues often falsely equate intelligence … Read more50 Million Voices: stuttering and work

Stammering Pride and Prejudice: book launch

Friday 27th September 2019, at City Lit, London. ‘Stammering Pride and Prejudice’ challenges the stereotype that stammering is inherently negative. It positions stammering as a different, valuable and respected way of speaking. It will be the first published book exploring stammering from a social model perspective written for people who stammer and the general public, … Read moreStammering Pride and Prejudice: book launch

Website updates to April 2019

Recent updates to this website. April 2019 Update of the three Vento bands for compensation for injury to feelings in employment cases. March 2019 Main post-16 page updated, including more on STUC (Stammerers Through University Consultancy), Also Oral exams, and assessed presentations page updated with further adjustments to exams, from STUC conference in January … Read moreWebsite updates to April 2019