Anderson v Turning Point Eespro

An employment tribunal had made a reasonable adjustment by referring a disabled claimant to the Bar Pro Bono Unit (now called Advocate), to get a free legal representative. The Court of Appeal held this was sufficient adjustment, on the facts. The court said normally it is entirely appropriate for a tribunal to leave it to … Read more

Owen v Amec Foster Wheeler Energy

The Court of Appeal held it was not disability discrimination on the facts to refuse to send an employee on an assignment to Dubai because of high medical risk. The case is of interest on direct disability discrimination – it is not enough that the reason for less favourable treatment is ‘indissociable’ from the disability. … Read more

City of Oxford Bus Services Ltd t/a Oxford Bus Company v Harvey

The employer’s practice of distributing shifts to bus drivers resulted in the claimant, a Seventh Day Adventist, being required to work on his Sabbath. Was the employer’s practice unlawful as indirect religious discrimination? The EAT held that the tribunal should have considered whether the employer’s practice as a whole was justified, not whether the employer … Read more

Dunn v Secretary of State for Justice

An early retirement application due to disability was “very poorly handled”, and there were other failures. The Court of Appeal held that an employer’s mishandling of disability matters is not normally a breach of ss. 13 or 15 EqA unless the employer’s “motivation” for its action or inaction was the disability or something arising from … Read more

C & C v The Governing Body of a School

Regulations say that a tendency to physical abuse cannot be a disability under Equality Act 2010. It had therefore been held that an autistic child with a tendency to lash out could not claim under the EqA when he was excluded from school. However the Upper Tribunal held this regulation is incompatible with Article 14 … Read more

Unite the Union v Nailard

The Court of Appeal held that failure of managers to do enough to prevent harassment by a third party was only a breach of the Equality Act if the manager had a discriminatory motivation. Howerer in the present case the union was liable anyway because the harassment was by officials who were its agents. Also … Read more

Lee v Ashers Baking (‘gay cake’ case)

A bakery in Northern Ireland refused to supply a cake iced with the message “support gay marriage” because of the religious beliefs of its owners. The Supreme Court held this was not discrimination by association because the objection was to the message, not to any particular person or persons. Supreme Court, 2018, Facts A … Read more

City of York Council v Grosset

A teacher showed an 18-rated film to a class (younger than 18). The school dismissed him for misconduct. The teacher’s error of judgment was due to stress which largely arose from his disability, cystic fibrosis. The school knew of the cystic fibrosis, but not that it was a cause of his showing the film. The … Read more