Galo v Bombadier Aerospace

The court overturned a Northern Irish industrial tribunal decision because the tribunal had not made appropriate adjustments for the claimant’s Asperger’s Syndrome. The tribunal should have paid attention to the Equal Treatment Bench Book. An early ‘ground rules’ case management session should have been convened to meet the specific challenges of his condition. Northern Ireland … Read moreGalo v Bombadier Aerospace

Rackham v NHS Professionals

The EAT held that employment tribunals are under an obligation to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate disabled claimants, but sufficient adjustments had been made in the present case. Employment Appeal Tribunal, 2015. Full judgment: In outline The claimant had Asperger’s Syndrome. He had indicated he agreed to certain adjustments to accommodate his Asperger’s, including … Read moreRackham v NHS Professionals

CHEZ v Komisia za zashtita ot diskriminatsia

The EU court held that a person could claim indirect race discrimination even though she herself did not have that particular racial or ethnic background. An electricity company placed meters in Roma districts (including her district) too high up to read, to prevent tampering etc. She was able to claim for the disadvantage even though … Read moreCHEZ v Komisia za zashtita ot diskriminatsia

Blackwood v Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

The court re-interpreted the Equality Act to comply with EU law, so that a student discriminated against by her work placement provider was not left without a claim. She was entitled to claim against the provider in an employment tribunal. Her right to do this should be excluded only so far as the EqA provisions … Read moreBlackwood v Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust