M v Mitie Aviation Security

A claimant who spoke fast, and may or may not have had cluttering or a stammer, was held not to have a disability within the Equality Act. Employment tribunal, June 2017. Full decision: gov.uk. The claimant had a speech disorder manifesting as fast speech. A speech and language therapist suggested it was perhaps ‘cluttering’ or … Read moreM v Mitie Aviation Security

B v Servisair (UK) Ltd

The tribunal decided that the applicant’s speech impediment was a ‘physical impairment’ within the DDA. Since it undisputedly met the other requirements to be a ‘disability’, the applicant was a disabled person within the DDA. Employment Tribunal, Case No. S/105914/03, March 2004. The applicant had a speech impediment. This Tribunal decision was a preliminary determination … Read moreB v Servisair (UK) Ltd

B v John Edward Crowther Ltd

Abuse and taunting in relation to a stammer were held to be unlawful discrimination. (Under the Equality Act 2010 this behaviour would be unlawful under different rules, as ‘harassment’.) Employment Tribunal, case no. 1808186/2001, April 2002. The claimant had a severe stammer. The employer accepted that he was ‘disabled’ as defined in the Disability Discrimination … Read moreB v John Edward Crowther Ltd

United States case: Hartman v National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, 2010. A medical student in the United States was granted a preliminary injunction allowing him to use a text-to-speech device in a medical exam, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As at mid-May 2010 the decision was being appealed. Podcast on stuttertalk.com (Episode 200) … Read moreUnited States case: Hartman v National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)

HM Land Registry v Wakefield, EAT decision

An employment tribunal originally decided that a job candidate with a stammer should have been allowed to give written responses to interview questions, by way of reasonable adjustment. The Employment Appeal Tribunal reversed the tribunal decision, largely on the ground that some findings of fact by the tribunal could not be supported. Employment Appeal Tribunal … Read moreHM Land Registry v Wakefield, EAT decision

Wakefield v HM Land Registry, Employment Tribunal decision

THIS EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL DECISION HAS BEEN REVERSED ON APPEAL, in the light of the evidence in the particular case. This page summarises the original Employment Tribunal decision – but it is important to look also at the appeal decision. The Employment Tribunal decided that a person with a stammering problem in interviews should have been … Read moreWakefield v HM Land Registry, Employment Tribunal decision

Heatherwood & Wrexham Park Hospitals Trust v Beer

The EAT considered a case where stuttering was one of the symptoms of a mental impairment. Employment Appeal Tribunal, 2006. Full judgment: bailii.org. The claimant was employed by an NHS Trust. In November 2002 she was suspended from work following an incident involving a patient. In March 2003, her GP noted her ‘low mood’ but … Read moreHeatherwood & Wrexham Park Hospitals Trust v Beer