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Information for businesses on stammering (stuttering) and Equality Act 2010

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Last updated 20th June 2019.

Information for businesses and other organisations in relation to people who stammer, both as employees and customers.

British Stammering Association (Stamma)

The BSA website has stammering resources for Employers and HR professionals (stamma.org) and Recruiters (stamma.org).

The Employers Stammering Network (ESN) was launched by BSA in May 2013, supporting employers as well as staff who stammer. Various companies and organisations have stammering networks: see for example this article about lauching “It’s OK to stammer” posters at global accountancy firm EY (Ernst & Young): Raising Awareness at EY (archive of stammering.org).

Access / customer service

Making services accessible is my section for businesses, public authorities and other organisations on making adjustments for customers/clients who stammer.

More on employment

On this website

Examples of reasonable adjustments – in recruitment/promotion and also in the job. These are aimed at both employers and people who stammer.

Otherwise, my employment section is primarily aimed at people who stammer, but will hopefully also be useful for employers.

Occupational health article

In October 2010 an article by me was published in ‘Occupational Health at Work’ journal. You can download it here: Time to talk: Stammering in the workplace (pdf). The journal is published by the At Work Partnership.

Further sources of help and advice

Some listings on my Sources of Help and Advice page are relevant for businesses and other organisations, particularly:

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