Website updates July to August 2021

Participants needed for study about experience of witnesses who stammer in court A forensic linguistics student at Cardiff University is looking for adults who stammer and have been witnesses in court, and also Registered Intermediaries, to participate in a study. See Participants needed for study about experience of witnesses who stammer in court. Face masks/coverings … Read more

New guide for universities on stammering

STAMMA and STUC have produced a new guide Supporting students who stammer in higher education (pdf, This guide by STAMMA ( and STUC ( should be invaluable for universities looking to create an inclusive environment for students who stammer. It gives many examples of what universities can do to support students, ranging from admission … Read more

Apple stammering emoji

Many users of iPhones and iPads found that a ‘woozy face’ emoji automatically appeared when typing the word “stammering” into messages. Stamma (the British Stammering Association) said in a July 2021 press release: “This is demeaning and damaging. Stammering is how some people talk. Treating it as a joke is stigmatising. It can leave people … Read more

Website updates May to June 2021

Stamma Legal – for lawyers who stammer Added to my Employment stammering networks page. A friendly and welcoming network for anyone with a stammer working in or thinking about entering the legal industry. It holds regular meetings and social events throughout the year. It also hopes to raise awareness of stammering within the legal industry, … Read more

M v Ban-Car Hotel

The tribunal found the claimant was disabled within the Equality Act, by reason of her stammer and depression. However it held there was no discrimination, so her claim failed overall. 2021, Employment Tribunal. Full decision (pdf, (There are also earlier decisions ( on applications to strike out the claim.) Facts The claimant was employed … Read more

Elliot v Dorset County Council

The EAT stressed that in assessing whether the effect of an impairment is “substantial” under the Equality Act, the tribunal should start from the statutory wording of whether the effect is more than “minor or trivial”. The Guidance and Code of Practice do not add extra requirements; they should not be read as statutes, and … Read more

Website updates March to April 2021

Oral assessments and presentations in recruitment Major review and update of Oral assessments in recruitment, including assessment centres and remote (eg Zoom) assessments, and Presentations in recruitment. UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement page updated for the final version of the Agreement ( as approved, published in April 2021.`I’ve revised my … Read more

O v TC Facilities Management

The claimant’s employment was terminated without notice due to his alleged “verbal and threatening behaviour towards management” at a meeting. Part of the problem was him speaking loudly and quickly at the meeting – he had a stammer which caused him to do this when trying to communicate under stress. The employment tribunal rejected his … Read more

VL v Szpital Klinicnzy

The employer offered a monthly allowance to people who submitted a disability certificate after a certain date to encourage more people to do so, but not to those who had submitted one before that date. The EU Court held that less favourable treatment of some disabled people compared to other disabled people could be direct … Read more