University claims it didn’t know of UCAS applicant’s stammer

A sixth former applying to a university was unable to respond as he wished in an online interview with it, as he was anxious and flustered after accidentally being kept for a long time in an online waiting room. What happened A sixth former who stammers, applying for university, filled out a UCAS application form. … Read more

Glasson v The Insolvency Service: Employer not required to adjust interview as unaware of disadvantage

The claimant’s answers in an interview were not full enough, as he limited them due to his stammer. He called this his “restrictive mode”. The employer knew of his stammer. However, the tribunal found the employer did not have actual or constructive knowledge of the disadvantage. The tribunal therefore rejected his claim for reasonable adjustments. … Read more

Williams v Newport City Council

A social worker had been traumatised by an experience in court. The employer introduced a requirement that she attend court if necessary. As a result she went off sick with stress. The EAT held she was disabled within the EqA even if attending court was not a normal day-to-day activity. She was unable to do … Read more

Website updates November to December 2023

Regulations to retain some EU case law The government has passed the Equality Act 2010 (Amendment) Regulations 2023 (, SI 2023/1425, to preserve the effect of some EU case law after the end of 2023, particularly on the wider meaning of “disability” in employment claims, and who can claim indirect discrimination. Main discussion and updates: … Read more

Website updates September to October 2023

Examples of adjustments by service providers New page Examples of adjustments and discrimination: service providers, including material shifted from the ‘For businesses’ section of this website, and taking in examples from new STAMMA resources for service providers. Transport Major update of Transport page, including trains, buses, ships and air travel. Harassment Update of Harassment of … Read more

Stammering Awareness Day 2023

22nd October is International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD). STAMMA has published a video and guidance for healthcare providers, and a “Don’t be a knob” video ad and guidance for service providers more generally. Write to your GP STAMMA (the British Stammering Association) is encouraging people to write to your GP (, to help make booking … Read more

Grandmother visiting hospital laughed at by nurse

A senior staff nurse burst out laughing when a visitor stammered asking to see her granddaughter A woman who stammers was visiting her granddaughter in hospital. She stammered when saying her granddaughter’s name to the senior staff nurse, who burst out laughing. After seeing her granddaughter, she sought out the senior staff nurse, who was … Read more

F-Bomb blog: oracy in schools

Claire Tupling’s excellent blog Starmer’s ‘F-Bomb’ ( warns that “oracy” should accept that speech may be dysfluent. Labour has pledged to put oracy at the centre of its plans to reform education. However oracy and “good communication” is often wrongly equated with fluency. Claire warns that children who stammer should not be told that the … Read more

Booking a GP appointment: removing barriers for people who stammer

STAMMA (British Stammering Association) is urging changes in GP appointment booking systems nationwide. A survey by STAMMA showed that phone-only systems and lack of staff training caused people who stammer to face physical and mental distress, delayed appointments, and late diagnoses. More: GP bookings: change is needed (, 8 August 2023. STAMMA proposes GPs offering … Read more

Website updates July to August 2023

STAMMA Advocacy Service STAMMA Advocacy Service ( now launched, including for poor treatment by employers and service providers. Added to Sources of help and advice>STAMMA/ British Stammering Association. GP bookings: campaign STAMMA (the British Stammering Association) is urging changes in GP appointment booking systems nationwide: Booking a GP appointment: removing barriers for people who stammer. … Read more