Website updates May to June 2022

Abrahart case: oral assessments led to suicide Abrahart v University of Bristol: oral assessments led to suicide, County Court decision, May 2022. This tragic case involved a physics student with depression and social anxiety disorder. The university continued to seek to use oral interviews to assess her, even though she failed to attend most of … Read more

Website updates March to April 2022

Whether lack of knowledge relevant to s.15 justification defence City of York Council v Grosset>Justification: tribunal entitled to consider medical evidence not available to the employer added to cover a point made more by the EAT than the Court of Appeal. The Grosset case was in 2018. Also changes to Knowledge of causal link with … Read more

STAMMA in the cinema: “No diversity without dysfluency”

STAMMA’s ad campaign calling for greater stammering representation in the media is now showing in cinemas across the UK. With the support of Pearl & Dean, selected cinemas nationally are showing the one-and-a-half-minute film from STAMMA (the British Stammering Association) until October 2022. The list of cinemas is attached to STAMMA advert on a screen … Read more

Social model: new research paper

An excellent new research paper discusses both benefits and limitations of understanding stammering through the social model of disability. The paper Stuttering and the social model by Constantino, Campbell and Simpson is free to read and download until 22nd April 2022: One of the co-authors introduces the research paper in this twitter thread. The … Read more

Garcia v The Leadership Factor: “clear voice”

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) upheld a tribunal decision requiring a claimant who stammers to pay a deposit as a condition of proceeding with his EqA claims. He was claiming direct and indirect disability discrimination in relation to requirements that telephone interviewers have a “clear voice” and be in “good health”. The EAT held the … Read more

M v Real Care Agency

A home care worker was dismissed after being off sick with depression (a disability). Her stammer was normally not apparent but did arise during bad periods of depression. She made EqA claims as regards allegedly not being able to attend a probationary review meeting because of her stammer, and the employer being unwilling to discuss … Read more