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Employment stammering networks

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Last updated 22nd March 2020.

Some companies and organistions have a network of staff who stammer. There may be one in your employer, or you could start one up.

Employment stammering networks can provide support and networking with other employees who stammer, and may have links to management. Often they were set up under the auspices of the BSA’s Employment Stammering Network: see Professional Networks (stamma.org).

At an international level, but very much including the UK, 50 Million Voices is the campaign bringing together employment leaders from around the world to collaborate and transform opportunities at work for people who stammer. It was launched in spring 2019. More: 50 Million Voices: stuttering and work, and twitter @50millionvoices.

UK Civil Service Stammering Network (CSSN)

A group of civil servants from across the UK who want to champion the needs of stammerers and encourage the Civil Service to provide support throughout people’s careers, regardless of grade or department. Scroll down to Civil Service Stammering Network on Professional networks (stamma.org).

Defence Stammering Network (DSN)

This is an internal network for stammering in the armed forces, officially recognised in UK defence policy. It is open to both military and civilian employees of UK defence. Scroll down to Defence Stammering Network on Professional networks (stamma.org). Further links:


There are moves to set up a stammering network for NHS workers. Researchers are looking for NHS staff members who stammer to complete a survey (up to 31st May 2020) looking at what support you need: Questionnaire for NHS employees (stamma.org).

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