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50 Million Voices: stuttering and work

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50 Million Voices is the campaign bringing together leaders from across the world to collaborate, share good practice, and transform the world of work for people who stammer.

50 Million Voices log

Societal bias means that millions of people who stammer are either unemployed or in jobs which are well below their potential. Employers and colleagues often falsely equate intelligence and excellent communication skills with speaking fluently. They may be missing out on the very strengths they need in the workforce.

Initiatives in different countries are seeking to change this successfully; others are looking to get started. 50 Million Voices, launched in spring 2019, aims to speed up and increase this change.

Founder Iain Wilkie, formerly a senior partner at EY, explains more in an article just published on the Stamma website: 50 Million Voices (stamma.org).

Twitter @50millionvoices. Website www.50millionvoices.org.

Iain Wilkie speaking in front of a slide saying: "Why '50 Million Voices'? / 50 million people of employable age stutter / Intelligence of people who stutter is distributed in a [similar way to] people who don't stutter / Widespread bias in the workplace means that [many people who] stutter are either unemployed or in jobs [.....].
Iain Wilkie speaking at the 2019 World Stuttering Congress in Iceland.


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